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October 21, 2018

How to Add Audio or MP3 in Blogger Post

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Hey bloggers I hope you are doing well. In this article I will teach you how to add audio or mp3 in blogger post. If we talk about blogger there is no option to add audio files in blogger post except third party links. But in this article I will show you a simple method about how can we add audio or mp3 files in blogger post. We can add files but also can play audio file in blogger. Now let's get started.

Watch the video tutorial

Follow these Steps to add Audio or Mp3 in Blogger Post

  • Go to and create a website there.
  • Now create a new page with cabinet file
  • Click on Add file and upload your music file
  • Now go to blogger and create new post
  • Click on Html tab
  • Now use this html code for mp3 files

<audio controls><source src="your audio file"/></audio>

Note: You have to put your mp3 audio file link on the place of "your audio file". You can get the link from the where you have uploaded the file in previous step.

That's it! I hope you will like this article how to add audio or mp3 in blogger post. If you have any question about this tutorial you can ask in comment section. Don't forget to share it with your blogger community friends. See you till next tutorial.

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