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October 17, 2018

How to Write Urdu in Blogger Post

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Hey! In this article we will discuss about how to write urdu in blogger post and how to install urdu fonts in blogger. Many Pakistani users don't know English and they wish to write Urdu articles for their blogger website. Friends you don't need to upload any null template you can type urdu in your customize theme. Now without time waste I will tell you how to write urdu in blogger post.

Watch the video tutorial

Follow these simple steps to write urdu in blogger post:
  1. Go to Blogger
  2. Create New Post
  3. Now type your urdu article
  4. After finishing the article now click on Html tab in post editor
  5. Now type this code at the beginning of the article
<font face="jameel noori nastaleeq">
Now close the tag at the end of the article </font>

That's it enjoy urdu articles and keep praying for me. Don't forget to share my article with your friends and type a comment with your best feedback.

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